You will be broke if you spend money like me – DJ Chicken shades Portable

DJ Chicken, a Nigerian street disc jockey, has stated that controversial singer, Portable, would go broke if he tried to imitate his extravagant spending.

He stated this while questioning the authenticity of Portable’s claims about being wealthy.

The DJ, during an Instagram live session, criticised Portable for not being able to replace his car after his recent accident.

He said Portable would have promptly acquired a new car a day after the accident if he truly possessed the wealth he often boasted about.

“Portable, if you spend the type of money I spend weekly, you will go broke. You don’t have money.

“You ought to have bought a new car after your recent accident if you truly have money.”

Recall that Portable and his boys were seen in a viral clip on the internet assaulting DJ Chicken for allegedly sending a message to his wife.

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