Wike TO Review Abuja Rail Mass Transit.

FCT: Wike To Revive Abuja Rail Mass Transit.

The News:

Chief Barrister Nyesom Wike has revealed plans by the Federal Capital Territory Authority to restart Abuja Rail Mass Transit.

Speaking after an assessment of the rail terminal, he disclosed that the Rail Mass Transit system will be completed and inaugurated in a few months as it is instrumental in reducing traffic congestion in the city.

He further revealed that funds for the rehabilitation and start of the rail system has been made available as he assured that projects of this nature would not be abandoned.

Nyesom Wike was accompanied by the Minster of State for FCT, Hon. Mairiga Mahmud.

The General Overseer of Deeper Life Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, has set many talking on social media following a clip where he said the country will experience a better time under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu and his ministers.

Access Bank building at 3 Harold Wilson drive. By tourist beach junction.
Apostle chibuzor OPM built the whole building.
Instead of converting it to a shopping mall or renting it out to make money.
He converted it to OPM free school for the less privileged.
Now all the less privileged in that environment attend the free school.
Fully sponsored through tithes and offerings in OPM church.


There is no big deal marrying a man younger than you or a woman who is older. Some ladies are scared of marrying younger men, they think those men are not mature enough!

Maturity has little to do with age! I've met men in their 50s who utter folly, are irresponsible, lack self discipline, have no vision, lack drive for success, have no financial wisdom and are spiritual disasters going somewhere to happen!

I have met men in their twenties who speak with wisdom, are disciplined, know when to talk and when not to, have a sense of purpose, know exactly where they are going and are very responsible.

I have seen husbands far older than their wives and the women hate showing them respect and I've seen those with older wives who treat their husbands like the king of the universe. What makes the difference? Respect! What triggers the respect? The man's maturity.

Yes, there are men who are older than their wives and their wives still show them respect, all still boils down to the man's maturity. 

What is maturity? Acceptance of responsibility. If you are not responsible, no matter how much you age and how many years you are far far older than your wife, she will not respect you! These are men who will not do what they are suppose to do in the home and when the woman complains, you will hear, "I'm I your mate?" Go and sit down Mr man!

Go for maturity irrespective of the age! What makes you submit to a man is his leadership ability, wisdom, sense of direction, purpose and genuine love for you. 

Marry a man who is wiser and more mature than you are regardless of the age. Marry a man who has the capacity to lead, guide and husband you! Marry a man who is godly and responsible, above all, marry God's will. 

As a man, marry a lady who respects, honours, adores and cherishes you. Marry a woman who honours you from the depth of her heart and treats you like a king. Marry a woman who listens to you, takes to correction and is willing to submit in marriage. Marry a woman who is humble and sees you as her leader, father and role model, marry God's will for your life.

Age is only in numbers. It s not the absolute gurantee that someone is mature and responsible. All you need is someone who is mature and godly. Go for them and go for God's will. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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