The Foolishness of some Biafrans and their skitmaker


Ekpa got himself through some gullible minds through costume and regalia dresses and some irrational minds joined the bandwagon of passive minds.

I often say it, "Some of our people are headless and dangerous to work with" not because they will harm you consciously but because their minds are too gullible to work with.

In life, words are spoken and understood in different ways by the actors on the world stage.

Your spoken words and body language. While the spoken words are much looked upon by most people, the unspoken ones are concentrated upon, by serious players of this word.

This is Ekpa who doesn't understand absolutely anything as regards self-determination than costume displays. From gym costumes to ancient Igbo regalia, down to corporate wear to now the military kits. Amazingly the weaklings around him jump up and down in ecstasies for having a man wearing a military kit.

Countries would want to deal with a person with the consciousness of information management and understanding of clandestine Operations than skitmakers. Every operation known in history by serious actors was done covertly whole the results spoke on the opens.

This is a boy that is quick in divulging a woman's nude photos, made open his private chats with confused barrister Alloy Ejimakor and threatens more. Sort for the attention of the Enugu state Governor in other to share with him information allegedly shared to him "by those around him" for money making.

How on earth do you think any responsible person or entity would work with such a comedian? He knows his strength is in script writing for his local minds and thus he is making sure he gives them the script in series. From one comedy to another possibly to outsmart the Nollywood industry.

The comedian alluded he is doing everything "for Nnamdi Kanu's release" and I asked by not sending any lawyer to him, not writing any publications or sponsoring any in international media platforms, not even rallying on international or local stage for his release? Now his insidious acts on how to release Nnamdi Kanu are by killing and destroying lives and properties of Biafrans. That is the height of it all!

I think i need to school someone on the concept of legitimacy here. Nnamdi Kanu is enjoying immeasurable support from our people because he operated the most surgical operations that is successful.

He makes sure no policy application is tantamount to the well-being of our people. ESN is till tomorrow combating Fulani terrorists on our farms thereby protecting the people to have access to their farms. Even the haters of Nnamdi Kanu applaud him for guaranteeing safety in our land! He enjoys the prayers of the church, traditionalists, and everyone.

He even if doesnt like a certain course, carefully studies the minds of the people and when embedded in emotions, spent time educating them the need to think otherwise. That is sensitization.

Ekpa can't fly on that height because he is a tout whose all life history is rich with swindling people money in the name of "Barrister", "Visa agent", "Finis Army", "Prime Minister" etc. He doesn't have the mental strength to survive the intellectual inputs required for an empirical argument and thus he brought out what he has, toutism.

Carefully understudy Ekpa's position mobility rate, you will understand how fast he is in climbing from one title to another. From self-acclaimed "disciple"-"spokesperson"-"ESN commander"-"Prime Minister" and maybe with the current launched military wear, he is likely planning to move to "field Marshall". In an employment Resume (CV), one is asked to pen down in his CV, places he has worked before.

The essence of that is to guide your employer in understanding how long you last in places you worked before. If you worked within yearly intervals and left, it then means something is wrong with your and thus unfit to be employed. It is called the "high job mobility rate". In less than three years, Epka has moved from self-claimed "disciple" to Prime Minister and climbing to Field marshal or possibly Obinaigwe one of Biafra, and yet people are not tired of his weak comedy scripts.

Anyways, the ongoing ignoring of his chagrins called sitting at home in Biafraland is a strong pointer that people are ignoring him. Maybe the introduction of the clothing is a new way of introducing new skits coming

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