So many people are asking the English name of the team Ofo, lately

So many people are asking the English name of the term Ofo, lately.

Ofo cannot not have an English name because Ofo does not occur in the English cultures. Ofo does not have a single word equivalent in English, but it can be interpreted in few English terms to mean a sacred symbol representing the whole essence–strength, belief and protection, exclusive to a man within the Igbo culture.

Ofo is not a charm or talisman.
Ofo resides in the Igbo man's existence and belief, and Ofo can also be represented with a physical symbol or carved image as fairly depicted in the image below.

Ofo as a compound cultural term has certain attributes which includes, purity of the heart of the wielder; straightforwardness, truthfulness, innocence, compassion for mankind etc. It is a symbol of innocence against traditional injustice, unfairness and inequity.

Ofo is power to the Igbo man. It can kill, but Ofo can never kill a guiltless rival.

As a symbol of justice, he who wields Ofo must wield it with clean hands, just as applies to equity.

The maxim, "O ji Ofo Ga-ana"–He who wields the Ofo can never be stuck in any danger, doesn't necessarily mean that whoever possesses the physical symbol or calls Ofo in his heart or by name, will get away with everything, including evil.

On the contrary, it means whoever comes bearing no evil against fellow men can never be affected by the evils of these men.
This is the whole significance of Ofo.

Naira aok

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