Review the removal of petrol subsidy, ALG tells FG


The Federal Government has been urged by the Africa Leadership Group to take a staged approach to easing the immediate problems suffered by Nigerian citizens.

This, according to a statement, was required in response to the recent removal of petroleum subsidies in Nigeria.

ALG pushed for policies that addressed fundamental issues, placing a strong emphasis on Nigerians' well-being.

It was noted that the removal of the petrol subsidy announced by President Bola Tinubu on May 29 caused a spike in the price of goods and services, putting many Nigerians through hardship.

ALG encouraged the government to put mitigation measures in place as soon as possible to shield disadvantaged households from the negative consequences of petrol price hikes.

ALG emphasised the necessity for thorough evaluation of residents' top needs in light of plans to distribute N500 billion over the course of six months to 12 million families.

The group emphasised the importance of making investments in infrastructure, health care, and education for the underprivileged, as well as broadening safety net programs to protect vulnerable groups from the immediate effects of subsidy elimination.

According to the statement, “ALG’s survey findings and suggestions from citizens underscore the importance of job creation through modular refineries, support for SMEs and smallholder farmers in manufacturing and agriculture sectors, and improved transportation services.


“Additionally, the organisation advocates for targeted investments in regions affected by terrorism, food security initiatives, and climate-smart agriculture pilot projects across different geopolitical zones.

“A fair and equitable transition to a sustainable and economically secure future is crucial for Nigeria’s prosperity.”

The statement added that, “By adopting a phased approach to the subsidy removal and strategically investing in the citizens’ needs, the government can ensure a stable and prosperous future for the nation.”

ALG's urged for a phased approach and targeted investments, to protect those in need and safeguard Nigeria's future in the face of rising petrol prices.

The organisation emphasised the necessity of thorough preparation and implementation of measures to lessen the immediate effects of the subsidy reduction while also making long-term investments to reach this aim.

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