Prigozhin made serious mistakes' -President Vladimir Putin says as he offers his 'condolences' to assassinated Wagner chief's family

Prigozhin made serious mistakes' - President Vladimir Putin says as he offers his 'condolences' to assassinated Wagner chief's family after he died in a plane crash

Vladimir Putin has finally broken his silence over the horrific plane crash believed to have killed Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and his co-founder Dmirty Utkin.

Until now, Moscow had not discussed the incident, despite mounting speculation the deaths were caused as part of a Kremlin-assassination ploy.

In a television address, the Russian president said Prigozhin had 'made serious mistakes' as he offered supposed 'condolences' to the families of the ten victims who died in the Tver region, around 60 miles north of the capital.

Throughout the chilling tribute, he alluded to Wagner's failed military coup in June - ominously stating that Prigozhin 'was a person with a difficult fate'.

The despot went on to add that his former-chef-turned-number-one-enemy was a 'talented businessman' and that the Kremlin would be launching a 'preliminary investigation' into the tragedy.

While he spoke in the past tense, and paid tribute to the 62-year-old warlord, he fell short of officially confirming Prigozhin's death.

It still remains unclear exactly what happened to the jet that fell from the sky and burst into flames yesterday afternoon but US officials now believe it had been caused a surface-to-air missile.

Washington insiders, who spoke only on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the matter, stressed that the information was still preliminary and under review.

Their assessment contradicts that of several independent Russian outlets, who argued the explosion was likely caused by a bomb placed on board.

Putin has now allegedly ordered a probe by the country's Investigative Committee, who have been reporting to him following the smash.

He said that the team had begun a 'preliminary investigation of this incident, and it will be conducted fully and completed' shortly.

The Kremlin remained silent on the tragedy for almost 24 hours, other than a notification from the Russian aviation authority....


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