PEPT: Save Nigeria from threats of implosion – Group urges judiciary

As the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, PEPT, continues with the cases arising from the 2023 presidential election, the Diaspora Action for Democracy in Africa, DADA, has asked the judiciary to save the country from the threat of implosion.

Specifically, the group cautioned the arm of government not to deliver judgement capable of setting the country ablaze.

Speaking at a world press conference in Abuja, the group’s spokesman, Mr. Great Imo Jonathan, said that judiciary is the only institution that has all it takes to save the country at this critical period.

Jonathan and other members of DADA, who believe in the slogan “All eyes on the judiciary,” had earlier sent petitions to relevant quarters, including the Office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, National Judicial Council and the President, Court of Appeal, demanding justice for Nigerians.

“The judiciary is the only institution that has all that it takes to save this country from the threat of implosion. All eyes have been on the judiciary because of Nigeria’s respect for the law.

“It does not mean that the members of the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal are in a better position in this case to tell Nigerians who won the presidential election.

“Nigerians don’t wait for any court to tell them the winner of any election. It is the electorate that should tell the court so, because they know more than the court whom they voted for to be their president.

“But since it is the prerogative of the court to ensure that truth and justice prevail each time they are disputed, to make room for peace and harmony, the court has been given enough evidence to prove the real winner of the 2023 presidential election.

“Arising from our discussions with a wide array of Nigerians is the fear that the judiciary needs to be cautious because if their verdict fails to satisfy the requirements of justice, it may detonate the youth’s simmering anger and set the country ablaze,” Jonathan stressed.

Speaking on political crisis in Niger Republic, the group cautioned the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, to apply diplomacy and dialogue instead of military action in resolving the political crisis in the country.

According to the spokesman, the people of Niger Republic should be allowed through their national institutions, the opportunity to revert quickly to a representative democratic government, without necessarily applying military action.

He argued that “diplomacy and dialogue would result in peaceful resolutions of the crisis in the country, while military action would definitely result in wasting of blood of citizens of Niger and indeed other Africans, as the war would certainly spill over to neighbouring countries.”

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