Both black and white, both tall and short, both fat and slim the truth is that we all trails to achieve same purpose in our specific ways. Is true the white men brought us out of what can be call darkness, because we was with no creative ideals for a new innovation but we had a vision throughout the sands of time.

We are blacks but have the same abilities to create as whites, our culture is our constitution and can be reverse in some certain cases but we chose to trail where our ancestors had trails and make same mistake they have made without correction.

A man that wasn't govern by his origin will have no fear and respect for tradition, a tree can't grow more than its height in nature for no matter how old it is it's will still take the same height of his ancestors therefore a man can't change the culture of his kingdom without consulting the Oracle.

Many believe had draws us backward for the whites calls it's constitution while we calls it culture which we always fear to amend, this is how our forefathers started it for that's reason we don't care it's dangerous effect on our lives. The whites are running far ahead of us because they were able to interpret with thier environment.

Many of our culture and tradition are fadeing off while we continue to embrace the white men culture in which we claimed to practice but lacks respect for it because there is no dignity. While not sitting down to revive our tradition and culture to suit our current state of living.

I'm not critizing rather I'm enlisting the need for more betterment of igbo culture and Umunne, we all are one despite having many symbolism that governs our world.

Respect for tradition
Respect for Igbo culture for we to build a story to tell our kids
Article written by N.C.G

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