Living in a public yard could be likened to living in a war zone

Living in a public yard could be likened to living in a war zone. It comes with too many challenges and I had no other choice than to up my game.

Firstly, I now have to wake up every midnight to pray and anoint myself because the winch wey full this compound pass mosquitoes wey dey Aba.

Infact, I have come to realize that you can't do without winch in a public yard. It is a necessity.. very very compulsory. Any yard without winch is counterfeit. If you can't find one, then it's obvious you're the winch.

Secondly, I also have to wake up around 4:30AM every morning so I can bath on time before going to work. I know how many times I don go work without baffing due to very long queue.

Mama Sodiq - The fattest woman in the compound. She spends nothing less than two hours inside the bathroom everyday. Wetin that woman dey do inside there, we no know.
The best we all could do is murmur and complain. We dare not confront her. Not after we experienced what happened between her and Oga landlord the other day.

On this Sunday morning, Oga landlord had gone to serve her a quit notice, and somehow along the line, there had been an altercation between them.

It didn't take long until a bout ensured.

Mama Sodiq lifted our landlord like a five year old child before flinging him away. And instead of Oga landlord to run into his own house, the werey ran into my room while Mama Sodiq pursued him.

I had to jejely leave the room for them.

The fight continued there for about five minutes before they were finally separated. When I eventually returned to my room, everything was upside down. Even my pot of soup wasn't spared... she wear Oga landlord the pot for head like cap.

So since that day, Mama Sodiq has been part of my prayer point. That woman needs to leave this compound. By fire by force!

My people abi na bad thing I dey do so?🤔🤔

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