I Just Watch the video Rit Now don't see anything bad

I just watch the video rit now I don't see anything bad is just a normal thing majority of girls are doing rit here online. Sending nude, or video sex is not really healthy conversations I don't see it as anything serious. I can even imagine having my girlfriend nudes on my phone what of if someone mistakenly get access to my phone and see the property I claim to be mine. So to you girls I think you be careful of what you do here or how you sell your market. The video is a normal video nothing much about it.

To me I have never requested for a nude picture or video because I find it so childish and irritating. So most girls sending nudes or video are marketers don't be ashamed if you see yourself or product online because you deserve it.

Video of a girl fingering herself in a video chat is the talk of the day my guys many girls even some of your girlfriends are into it on social media just advice them to stop nothing more. I no see one big thing for that video Abeg make everybody Rest.


1- Avoid Giving your child everything he asks for. He will grow up believing that he has the right to get everything he wants.

2-Avoid laughing when your child speaks insúlting words. He will grow up thinking that dísréspect is entertainment.

3-Avoid remaining insénsitive to bâd behavior that he can display without scølding him for his bâd behavior. He will grow up thinking that there are no rules in society.

4- Avoid picking up anything that your child mésses up. He will grow up believing that others must take responsibility for his méss.

5- Avoid letting him watch any program on TV. He will grow up thinking that there is no difference between being a child and being an adult.

6- Avoid giving your child all the money he asks for. He will grow up thinking that getting money is easy and will not hesitate to stëal for it.

7- Always avoid putting yourself on his side when he is wrøng against the neighbors, his teachers, the police. He will grow up thinking that everything he does is right, it is the others who are wrøn and he can always get away with everything.

8- Avoid leaving him alone at home when you go to the place of worship, otherwise he will grow up thinking that God does not exíst.

May our labour over our children not be in vain

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