I Don't know how chinedu lkedieze knows everything he knows but what i knows

I don’t know how Chinedu Ikedieze knows everything he knows but what i know is that he is a huge inspiration to every man out there, not just about entertainment but both in marriage and family management.

This guy married in 2011, but ever since then he has shielded his family from social media despite how prominent he is, you could see his wife or children anywhere without recognizing them, they’re living free life and going about their daily business as average people unlike the star actor whose freedom is not guaranteed by the virtue of his popularity, he always move with security and don’t have the ability to walk alone. This is why his marriage will never break.

As a man or woman who is in the spotlight, media, entertainment, politics, business, education or other social sector, bringing your family to the internet is not the best thing to do because by so doing, you’re restricting their freedom and also making them vulnerable, apart from that, their freedom will be truncated by that same lifestyle.

Now Chinedu’s wife can go to market, price things like her fellow women, be free to engage in conversations without anybody knowing who’s wife she is.

Nobody can use his family to d rag him because you don’t even know them. Abeg this guy too much, I love smart and intentional men, he’s one of them

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