HELIOPOLIS - The Egyptian 'Temple of the Sun' found in Lejja, Igboland!!!

This World-famous Shrine of Antiquity was the Sumerian Landmark for the Garden of Eden. It represents the All Seeing Eye of Amun/Amen scanning the Heavens. THIS is the landmark indication of the location of the Egyptian Duat or Amenti. It was created with over one thousand huge broken pillars of Iron slag. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world.

This was the world's largest single stockpile of prehistoric Iron slag. And archaeologically the oldest iron smelting industry in the world!!!

The African gods buried heroes under the pyramids in Sumerian times. They also buried the giants like Onoja of Igala, Oduduwa of Yoruba, Utu the Sumerian god of Lejja, Nsukka, under great mounds in Igboland, the ancestral Land where the gods return to make Heaven.

I read it in The Egyptian Book of the Dead that the DUN hills in the area of the Duat were artificially made and that the ancients buried (housed) god-men underneath.

I have followed the landmarks as described; and it all leads to the DUNU Oka village in Lejja. The Sumerian/Egyptian mystery hidden in the word DN (Dun/Dan/Dunnu) is a subject of separate study. The DN hieroglyph is a range of 3 hills and as well as 2 hills.

Egyptians call it "Desert" and Sumerians say they are artificial hills or piled-up Sand DUNES (derived from DUNU). All the 3hills and 2hills sand dunes are standing side by side in Lejja (with the pathway to the sun temple of Amun running between them, just as described in The Book of the Dead.)

The Sun Temple itself is located in the DUNU Oka village in Lejja. It is the Bottomless pit leading into the Duat.

See how the ancient gods of Igboland who compiled the Egyptian Book of the Dead used linguistic and physical land-marks to show us where they have been living for hundreds of thousands of years and are still living till today🙌🏾🙌🏾.

Prof. Catherine Acholonu on discovering Heliopolis - The City of the Sun at Lejja, Enugu State


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