Even with the tragedy of that video what impressed me is that the young man never denied that he is (hopefully)

Even with the tragedy of that video, what impressed me is that the young man never denied that he is (hopefully not was) Yoruba. That is so chivalrous and is what made me champion after Leah refused to deny Christ before Boko Haram.

And Abioye Oladeji has definitely and irrefutably dispelled the false stereo of Yorubas as cowardly betrayers. He reminded me of Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi, who refused to release and betray Major General Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi to the mutinous soldiers and insisted on following him to his death.

I pray that this unnamed man survived, and if anyone knows what eventually happened to Abioye Oladeji, please reveal it. Whatever his fate, he is a Nigerian hero!

It is only in sports that one person wins, and the others lose. Life is not sports. In life, as many people who want to win can succeed, and it does not diminish your winnings.

Jeff Bezos did not become poor because Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg became billionaires like him, and you won't become poor when your friends and family become rich. So, help each other. Think of fire.

If I use my fire to light your fire, it does not diminish my fire. And it is for your good. If you are the only light in your family and rain falls on you, the whole family will be in darkness. But if you had used your fire to light your brother, he can relight you when your fire is quenched.

Learn from God. The world was dark until He spoke light into existence. Plan in the dark and let your success light up your world. When your parents conceived you, they did it in secret. And when you were born, they had a party in public. Even when God asked Abraham to leave his father's house, he did not tell Abraham the destination.

The reason trouble awaits many people is that they blab about their destination, and their enemies go there ahead of them to destroy their estimation. Secrecy is supremacy. Without it, your destination will transform into your decimation

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