Dear George Galloway thank you for your deep knowledge of the artificial and colonial borders created by the British in Nigeria

An Open Letter To George Galloway

By Aguocha Chinwendum

Dear George Galloway thank you for your deep knowledge of the artificial and colonial borders created by the British in Nigeria.

Good a thing you are aware that there are many nations in Nigeria because it was created by the British without the knowledge and consent of the Indigenous people.

And I disagree with your suggestion that more nations should not seek freedom because Africa needs to be united and not divided. I promise you, Africa will be united and effective more than the European Union if the Indigenous people are allowed to form their nations and countries according to their tribes and ethnicity.

Let me inform you that the reason for the majority of conflicts and corruption in Africa is caused by the subjugation and forceful merging of Indigenous African nations with others that do not share the same value system without their consent.

In the same way, Europeans, Asians and Americans are living freely as independent nations their own no matter their population.
Africans should be allowed to form their own natural nations and civilisation according to their ethnic lines and borders. Africans should be allowed to exist how they were before the advent of the white European colonial period.

For instance, in Nigeria, the Hausa and Fulani-dominated North are kith and kin with those in Niger Republic. In the Yoruba-dominated southwest, they are the same and kith and kin as those in the Republic of Togo and those in the Benin Republic the European colonisers divided them and scattered them across three countries. In the Eastern part, we have the Igbo and their other cousins who share the same value system.

All we are asking for is the opportunity to vote in a referendum to form a nation of our own and build a civilisation of our choice. The Europeans are allowed to form nations according to their tribes and ethnicity why are Africans forced to live together against their will?

If we must live together as a nation or we want to live together let it be on the agreement that we must have a sovereign conference, let's discuss how we will live together if I am not comfortable with it then I will walk.

You are repeating and modernising what European colonisers did many centuries ago when you say Africans must find a way to live together. Instead, you should be an advocate for the return of the borders to the way they were before the Europeans came and destroyed Africa. The only thing that would save Africa is the restoration of the old borders of Africa according to their tribes and ethnic groups.

The #Biafrans are only asking for a Referendum to determine their fate in the British Empire called Nigeria.

George, Biafrans are not dividing Nigeria rather we are asking to leave the forceful abusive marriage the British forced us to live in for over a century as it has caused us nothing but harm and death.

You don't ask me to remain in an abusive marriage simply because the house would become lonely for the abusive partner.

You don't ask me to remain in an ungodly union just because I will be less in number.

Every lover of freedom should call for the total disintegration of Nigeria to save lives.

For over a hundred years Nigeria has failed to live to its potential because it was built on a wrong, selfish and £vil foundation.

Millions of people are dying because Nigeria is existing, Nigeria needs to die to save lives.

Nigeria is not one and can NEVER be one!



Aguocha Chinwendum is a Biafran and political activist.

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