In 2021, Barbados dumped the British crown and became a Republic. Today, Jamaica is finalizing arrangements to dump King Charles III as its Head of State and become a Republic too. Belize Prime Minister, John Briceno recently told The Guardian newspaper it was “quite likely” his country would be the next Commonwealth realm to become a republic, after Barbados did so in 2021. It’s looking now like Jamaican is about to beat Belize to it. But both countries are determined to break free from this age long colonial stranglehold.

Like 12 other Commonwealth countries outside Britain - including Australia, Canada and New Zealand - these Caribbean countries retain constitutional monarchy system of government and all have King Charles 3 (formerly Queen Elizabeth 2) as their head of state, which means that every head of government in those countries is regarded as a “local governor-general” performing duties on behalf of the Queen, now the King. So you are just standing in the gap for the real head of state, which is the King! This is what Barbados did away with to become a republic in 2021. Jamaica and Belize are now very close to doing away with it as well.

Tell me something isn’t going on with the children of AFRICA all over the world. Tell me Mama AFRICA hasn’t arisen with vengeance in her bones to take back everything that was stolen from her. It’s indeed an interesting time to be alive and I am grateful to witness it.

Go Jam-Belize!

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