Apostle chibuzor slept with me and several other girls, got one pregnant

Apostle Chibuzor slept with me and several other girls, got one pregnant - Babymama of Apostle Chibuzor.

The News:

A young lady believed to be a babymama of Apostle Chibuzor has made a shocking accusation against OPM pastor, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, claiming to be his baby mama and detailing how he had sex with her and other women under his home and had one of them became pregnant.

The woman made the claim while speaking with Dr. Daniel Ochu, a human rights activist.

In her expose, the lady who claims to have been impregnated by him said that she had worked under the roof of the clergyman until the day he allegedly propositioned for he and her to begin a sexual relationship.

She said that this incident had happened in 2019, at the time when she was 18 and preparing to get married.

According to her, she reminded him that it’s inappropriate since he’s a pastor and she’s getting married to an usher in his church. So her answer was in the negative at first.

The lady stated that he had flared up at her for rejecting the offer, and had subtly threatened her, which compelled her to accept. But she gave him the condition of always using protection whenever they sleep together.

She emphasized that the OPM pastor refused using protection throughout their liaisons and they slept together multiple times which resulted in her pregnancy.

Speaking further, she alleged that the OPM pastor continued in the same way with other girls after she left the house, noting also that one of the ladies took in for Apostle Chibuzor and the baby mama is currently in Lagos.

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