How To Easily Identify a Good Woman

How To Easily Identify a Good Woman
How To Easily Identify a Good Woman

There are some signs you can easily spot in a lady to know if she's a woman for you. She may not posses all these signs but if you can identify atleast half of what is mentioned below, MARRY HER.

When you want to settle down you need to look beyond physical beauty else you will end up marrying a BEAUTIFUL PROBLEM.

Once you make a mistake by chosing the wrong woman as a wife your mates will be ahead of you.


1. She'll advice you to spend wisely and save for the future. A good woman who really want to spend the rest of her life with you will help you plan well for the future. 

2. She'll stay faithful, she won't cheat on you or sleeping around, she'll manage with you what you have and grow together. 

3. She won't allow you to get wayward, fighting, smoking, indecent dressing, too much clubbing, drinking etc. 

4. She'll give you peace of mind, a good woman who truly love you won't give you troubles. She won't be troublesome, malicious, fight or worry you.

5. She'll call to hear from you and know why you didn't call, check on you and know why you didn't check on her. 

6. She'll try to get you (more) closer to God. She'll always pray for you and advice you to change your bad ways(if you have any). 

7. A girlfriend that truly love you won't be stingy to you, she'll give, surprises you with at least little gifts sometimes. 

8. She'll respect you and your family, when a lady is truly into you that respect must be there, she'll also be humble, submissive and loyal.

9. She'll get jealous sometimes, jealousy is a sign showing she's afraid to lose you to someone else, she'll be jealous and protective. (Ladies note - too much jealousy will crash your relationship so control it) 

10. She'll be there for you in time of difficulty and won't give up easily, she's likely to sacrifice a lot to help you during or out of the situation. 

Now my problem with some guys is that after a lady finish sacrificing or doing all these and life later get better, instead of them to treat the woman like a queen  they'll start misbehaving like the head of a snake and start treating her like a slave. 

This still remain one of the reasons why most women don't want to start small with any man.

This is the bitter truth I must tell you men.

My brother, when you find a woman who does all these things, don't take her for granted or thinks she's desperate. Hold her in high esteem, love and cherish her.

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